Who We Are

We’re a small local company and we feel this is a fundamental part of our art: we’re insiders. At a single glance Barcelona’s architecture will blow your mind, and you don’t really need a guide for that. What you do really need us for is to discover the real, untamed, exciting stories behind the masterpieces, to unveil Barcelona’s best foodie sanctuaries, and to personally experience the genuine everyday life of the local people like us.

We’re Barcelona natives and international long-time residents, we’re hopelessly in love with our city and we rode virtually every nook and cranny of it. Coming from various walks and backgrounds in the city (history, arts, business, engineering and tourism), we’re kind of an A-Team of Barcelona sightseeing: altogether we’ve earned a legitimate knowledge of what’s really worth your time, we know the stories behind it, and how to get you there in style.

We’re fearless tour guides: our mothers are proud of us and our customers testify on that .




We believe in another kind of tourism: a personal, fun and highly educational realm of experiences where authenticity prevails. We want travellers to go beyond the tourist tracks and take part of the local community, learn, experience from the inside and take back home a lot more than just pictures of monuments.

Always with our local professional guides on board, our vehicles are the perfect machines to explore the entire city, zipping the little streets and plazas, far beyond the touristy areas and into the local districts, where the authenticity lies. Absolutely private or with very small groups up to a maximum of 10 people, our tours combine the historical context, the architectural richness and the everyday life of Barcelona.


Our phone first rang back in the spring of 2010. On the other side of the line an adventurous Dallas family was determined to jump on our sidecars and explore Barcelona. These friendly Texans were our very first customers and the beginning of this extraordinary adventure. Since that day, whilst unveiling the heart and soul of Barcelona to travellers from around the globe, we made so many new friends and shared stories, glories and even a few sorrows too. We ate, we toasted, and we held enlightening debates on international politics or the secret to the spotless Manhattan cocktail. For all the smiles and countless good times we are immensely grateful and proud.

With bulletproof focus on the quality our work and stirred by the overwhelming response of our customers, our business grew from our first gorgeous little sidecar motorcycle to the small fleet of vintage vans and classic sidecars that we run today. Our area of specialty has widened and nowadays we expertize not only on cultural city tours but also local gourmet gastronomic experiences and trips to the Catalan wine countries.


BrightSide Tours SL is fully licensed both as a travel agency and as a transportation company, therefore complying with all the enforcing regulation required by the Spanish and Catalan governments. Working as a fully licensed tour operator, BrightSide Tours SL passengers are at all times protected by its public liability insurance as well as the travellers insurance, mandatory in Spain for all licensed transportation companies.