Our Vans

Why our vans? A unique kind of tour calls for a unique kind of vehicle. We aspired to find a go-everywhere compact sized vehicle, with room for small groups and families, and all at the same time, with the same cozy, private, fun-loving and open-air feel that has made our sidecar tours so popular. And we did.

Our vans are the perfect 4-wheel envisioning of our sidecars: stylish, fun, and above all, the perfect city touring machines! The real Barcelona that we love to share can only be experienced zipping the narrow nooks and crannies within the traditional quarters, where the authenticity lies and the buses don’t go.



We have decided to bring back to glory of the ultimate 1980’s utility vehicle of French making: le fourgon Renault. Widely popular in Spain and France during the 80’s and 90’s, this vehicle is part of our childhood imaginary, its [by then] futuristic design of geometrical shapes could be seen far and wide: at the schools, the Police, Fire Departments, Post, factory workers, small towns… Literally everywhere, so everywhere we went, roaming the roads of Spain in the quest for these gone classics.

A timeless kind of beauty from another era, our vintage vans are completely restored to the last detail, and provide for a perfect setting for our city tours: a laid back, intimate, confortable and friendly atmosphere for a small group of up to 10 people to interact with each other, with the guide and with the amazing city that Barcelona is. Some of our vans are fully convertible, so you can roam the city with the breeze on your face and an all-around experience of Barcelona’s exciting sights, scents and beat!

Each vehicle is perfectly kept and subjected to strict maintenance and periodical inspection, complying with the enforcing European Community safety regulations