Best places for authentic pizza in Barcelona

Here are some of our favorite spots to eat the best pizzas in Barcelona

You know you need to know the best places for authentic pizza in Barcelona! You need to know the best places for authentic pizza anywhere you go! 

Sometimes the only thing we need to be happy is a delicious authentic Italian pizza. Especially if you´re traveling with kids. Pizza is one of children’s favorite foods and we know how important is to keep your kids happy when travelling. After a private sightseeing tour in Barcelona you could consider eating a delicious pizza to fulfil yours – and your kid´s – appetite.

In recent years the popularity of the most emblematic Italian dish is on the rise.

There´s a new approach that reinvented the way we eat pizza, promoted by young chefs in Italy who took this simple traditional recipe to the next level.

Today, it´s a global phenomenon.

Here´s a list with the best places for authentic pizza in Barcelona.

Brightside Team is composed by some Italians who have helped to create this list and choose the right places for you (warning: no Italians were harmed in the making of this blog post).




Big pizza to share in Barcelona Le Romane


The pizzeria “Le Romane” offers a wide variety of pizzas made with organic and fresh ingredients. The freshly baked pizzas are served on a wooden board that is placed in the center of the table. You will share it with your friends and family. Each flavor you pick is divided into four portions so everybody can try a slice of the same flavor.



traditional neapoletan pizza in Bellillo Barcelona


One of the most authentic neapolitan pizzerias. Bellillo is founded by a group of friends from Napoli. The vision of the founders is simple: serve good and sustainable food. Bellillo is part of the Slow Food movement, founded in Italy in 1989, which advocates regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow lifestyle. The ingredients are Italian and 100% organic.



A33 pizza in Barcelona


At Pizzeria A33 you can taste a gourmet version of the traditional Neapolitan authentic Pizza. It´s cooked with high quality Italian ingredients, made in a wood oven to respect the classic recipe.



Napoli Centrale Pizza in Poble Sec in Barcelona


We love “Napoli Centrale”. It’s a pizzeria located in the Plaza del Sortidor del Poble Sec, 15 min from Las Ramblas. The pizzas are cooked in a wood oven in the traditional Neapolitan way. The prices are reasonable, the pizza is extremely tasty and the atmosphere simple and cozy at the same time.



Parking Pizza in Paseo de Sant Joan

“Parking Pizza” quickly became a hotspot in the city. Its modern and rustic-industrial atmosphere feels bar, restaurant and a pizzeria at the same time. The ingredients used are top quality and the pizza served are cooked in a wood oven. With a variety of meatless options, it´s an excellent choice for vegetarians.



El Racó in Barcelona

The most diverse space on the list with many options in the menu. Spacious and modern restaurant with pizzas, pastas and crêpes with menus for big groups.


Have you tried any of these restaurants? Which are for you the best places for authentic pizza in Barcelona? We´d be happy to hear from you and add your recommendations!

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