Charming Plazas and Squares in Barcelona

Our guide for the cutest plazas and squares in Barcelona

With summer at its peak, most of the visitors and inhabitants of Barcelona are enjoying the sunny beaches. Another very cool plan to have a perfect day in Barcelona is to have a drink in one of the charming plazas and squares in Barcelona. The squares (or plaças in Catalan) are the centre of social life. It’s the natural place where people meet to catch up. Or just relax after work. Below are some of our favourite plazas.


Plaça de Sant Pere

District: El Born

Sant Pere plaza in the born district during a walking tour in barcelona
Plaza Sant Pere in El Born.

Originally part of the premises of an old convent from the middle ages, this square was fully established much later. The nuns were secularized and expelled because of the XIX century ecclesiastical disentitlement. Nowadays, a parish church is still to be found on the square as well as a XX century Modernist fountain that gives it even more charm.

Bar we like: La Candela (Plaça Sant Pere 12) for its outdoor terrace and tasty tapas.

Plaça de Prim

District: Poble Nou

Public fountan in the middle of Prim square in Poblenou district of Barcelona

Prim square is famous for the Els Pescadors restaurant.

Just a couple of streets away from the Mar Bella beach, this square is worth the visit because of the impressive trees that take up the middle. These trees, are known in Spanish as the Arbol de la bella sombra (tree of the beautiful shade). It does indeed provide some relief from the scorching sun. Not to mention how lovely they make the square look. If you are nearby, give it a try.

Bar: Here we would highly recommend the Els Pescadors Restaurant (Plaça de Prim 1) which has a charming interior and a terrace and stands out for the excellent seafood dishes.

Plaça de Sant Gaieta

District: Sarria

Many flower pots outside house entrance.
Those charming little secrets of Barcelona.

Sarria is one of the biggest neigbourhoods in Barcelona. Firstly, it´s location – quite far from the centre – makes it preferred residence for the wealthy. Secondly, it’s extremely well kept and tidy but one of the most beautiful examples of it is the Plaça de Sant Gaieta. A little oasis that looks like a private garden but luckily the owners of the houses around it have kept it open to the public. It´s very picturesque with beautifully arranged flowers and pretty front doors. It’s like they have been taken out of a fairy tale.

Bar: Just a 5 minute walk down on Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49 is the iconic Bar Tomas that serves allegedly the best patatas bravas (the iconic Spanish potatoes with a spicy sauce).

Plaça del Sortidor

District: Poble Sec

View from the bar to the square with many people on the terraces.
Spanish love their terraces and bars.

Well hidden in one of Barcelona’s emerging hip neigbourhoods Plaça del Sortidor offers the visitors with tranquility and … cold beers. Another bonus is that it is located about 5 minutes from the vibrant calle Blai – home of many a tapas bar. But back to Plaça del Sortidor – if you want to feel like a local in Barcelona – this is the spot.

Bars: El Sortidor (Plaça del Sortidor, 5) – very authentic and delicious tapas at a great price.

Plaça de la Vila de Gracia

District: Gracia

Clocktower in Vila de Gracia square in Barcelona.
Clocktower in Vila de Gracia square in Barcelona.

In conclusion, the neighborhood of Gracia is still relatively new to the tourist map but we always encourage exploring it as it is very representative of the local vibe. This neighborhood has some of the most popular charming plazas and squares in Barcelona. Originally a village outside of the city, it was connected to it in the XIX century by means of the Paseo de Gracia street. It is dotted with plenty of little squares you can chose from. If we must pick one though, it will be Plaça de la Vila de Gracia. Also known as Plaça del Reloj (Clock tower square) after the tall clock tower in the middle this square reminds us of a perfect movie set.

Bar: there are many but what is worth noting about this square are the 4! Ice cream shops located in it – Ottimo, Curuba, Pyreneum and Kakigori which is actually a dorayaki shop!

Of course, the best way to discover all of this and much much more, with a true Barcelona insider, is to take our Full Day Sidecar Tour of Barcelona!

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