Coronavirus in Barcelona

The latest updates and news regarding coronavirus in Barcelona. Locate the closest Pharmacy

As we navigate this difficult time of Coronavirus in Barcelona as all over the world, the protection and care of our customers and personnel continues to be our top priority. We are monitoring the situation in Barcelona closely and while we’re deeply concerned for the lives affected and the hard hit in our industry, we feel we have the responsibility to inform you on Coronavirus in Barcelona.

We’d like to share with you some weblinks to evaluate the conditions in Spain and specifically in Barcelona at each stage of this outbreak.

We also want share with you some essential protective measures released by the WHO.

Looking for a pharmacy in Barcelona? LOCATE ON THE MAP

Coronavirus in Barcelona – Advice for Visitors

Travel to Spain under Coronavirus pandemic

Basic protective measures against the new Coronavirus from World Heath Organization

Q&A on Coronaviruses (COVID-19)

BrightSide Tours has as well established a COVID-19 safe protocol for all activity. Please finde more info HERE.


We’ll keep this channel open for future updates on the Coronavirus in Barcelona.

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