Easter in Barcelona 2023

The essential guide to Easter Week in Barcelona

Semana Santa, the Easter in Barcelona 2023

Want to know more about the Easter in Barcelona 2023? Here you can find useful information about the Semana Santa Week.

The catholic heritage in Spain is the backbone of this country’s society. Looking at the calendar of the national public holidays, you’ll realize that almost all have a religious origin – one of these nationwide celebrations is Easter. Depending on the region, the Holy Week – Semana Santa – has different characteristics.

The atmosphere during the religious ceremonies is solemn and spiritual, all rituals that take place during this week have strong symbolical meaning. However, there’s a different emphasis in the sacrality of the practices in each region. The participation in the religious rituals is usually more prominent in southern Spain. The most passionate celebrations take place in Sevilla, where Semana Santa is one of the most famous annual events and thousands of visitors and locals participate in the festivities.

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Easter in Barcelona 2023 will begin on Sunday, April 10. and ends on Saturday, April 16.

Everywhere in Spain the festivities begin on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and last until Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua), with the most emotional parades held on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Even though the celebrations in Barcelona are quieter compared to the southern regions, you’ll find a variety of unique customs and traditions in the Catalan capital.

As with the rest of the world, Easter in Spain is no longer just about religion. It´s the beginning of Spring so there are plenty of side events, shops opening and things to see all around Barcelona.

Easter week boosts the popularity of Barcelona. It’s a beautiful period to be in the city, as the streets are filled with people enjoying the holidays. Not only Barcelona, but also the small villages become meeting hubs of celebration and feasting.

Dansa de la Mort – “The Dance of the Deat” in Verges village, close to Girona, norther Catalonia. If you have the chance to leave Barcelona for Maundy Thursday, make sure to go to this event, which has its roots to the Medieval Ages.


The festival begins in April 5th with the Palm Sunday – Domingo de Ramos. The next big parade is on Easter Thursday, Jueves Santo on the April 9th. Keep in mind this day is not a public holiday in Catalonia.

(It´s a public holiday in some parts of Spain except Catalonia, Valencia and Cantabria)

The next day, on the 10th of April 2023 is Good Friday – Viernes Santo. It´s a public holiday all over Spain. In the afternoon, pay a visit to the Cathedral (not Sagrada Familia – Gaudi´s masterpiece is a Basilica) in the Gothic Quarter. You are going to see parades and processions.

Saturday 11th is not a public holiday, so everything runs as normal. Keep in mind though that many establishments stay closed for the long weekend holiday.

On 12st April 2020 is Easter Sunday – Domingo de Resurrección – the day that the celebrations culminate. Many of the shops and restaurants are closed, however many will stay open to serve locals and travelers. There are many masses and religious processions occurring throughout the day. Pay a visit to Barcelona Cathedral which is the center of all celebrations.

The last day of the festival is Monday 13 of April 2023. The Easter Monday – Lunes de Pascua – is a public holiday.

The parade of Semana Santa, the Holy Week in Barcelona

All in all, Barcelona is a great destination to visit in Easter, Semana Santa 2023 Barcelona. There is more daylight, the temperature becomes warmer and in general there’s a lovely atmosphere everywhere. See you in Barcelona!

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