Unveiling the secrets of Fiestas de Gracia

The most popular street festival in Barcelona - tips on Festa Major de Gracia in 2020

Fiestas de Gracia Festival are by far the most iconic parties of Barcelona. 

Fiesta (party) is probably one of the first words that come to mind when thinking of Spain. It is not to be confused with ‘siesta’ which means an afternoon nap, even though a siesta could be much needed after a fiesta. After the Fiestas de Gracia Festival you’ll have the most peaceful siesta of your trip in Barcelona. Find out why.

Street decorations and people celebrating the Gracia neighborhood festival.
Gracia boosts the most spectacular fiesta in town.



Fiestas de Gracia are organized by the local community and residents associations with a lot of passion and dedication. Every detail is planned and executed by the residents who pick the themes and spend months in preparation for the festivities.


During summer every neighborhood in Barcelona holds an anticipated celebration. The parties of the district Gracia (in Spanish Fiesta Mayor de Gracia) are by far the most elaborate and popular ones in Barcelona.


Gràcia is a neighborhood in the North West of Barcelona, connected to the central square of Plaza Catalunya.  Follow the iconic boulevard called Paseo de Gracia (the Passage to Gracia) to arrive to Gràcia. Gràcia was independent town until the late 19th century and even today has a small town atmosphere with strong community sense. 


Fiestas de Gracia Festival 2020 dates are 15th August to 21st August.


The Fiestas de Gracia are among the most exciting neighborhood celebrations that display the culture, spirit and creativity of the people of Barcelona. 


During the week of the celebrations, the streets of Gracia are covered with handmade decorations, art galleries and recreation of popular movies’ sets. In fact, you’ll see everything that the neighbors’ imagination came up with.  On the colorfully decorated streets and squares there are concerts, popular dances, exhibitions, castellers (human towers), gigantic figures, correfocs (fire-runs) and much more. 

There is also a competition of the best decorated street and a lot of pride (and beer) for the winning team. During the fiestas the neighbors can be seen enjoying a dinner and drinks together with visitros. Of course they do, they are celebrating the success of their efforts! It’s a gift to all. In return, the residents of Gracia kindly request visitors to respect the decorations and to be quiet after 1PM at night. 


The history of Las Fiestas de Gracia goes back 200 years when it was organized to commemorate the patron saint of the small town – Saint Isidro.  With time the celebrations were adapted and more elements were added. For example, the decoration of the streets started in the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays that is the most distinctive element of the party that fills the streets of Gracia with color, lights and visitors from all over the world. 

decorations in the streets of gracia neiborhood.
A show of decoration, color, music and party.

Here are some tips on how to make the best of the Fiestas de Gracia Festival:

  1. Go at night if you want to party

  2. Go in the morning or mid-afternoon if you want to see the decoration uninterrupted

  3. Be prepared for big crowds (and a lot of fun) at night

  4. If you like street food, affordable drinks and dancing till you drop – then this is the place to be in August when many places in Barcelona are closed. 

  5. If you don’t like big crowds, the rest of the city can be unusually quiet during this period as everybody goes up to Gracia. So that’s a great time to enjoy the city center.

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image of a band playing a concert and another with people celebrating on the street
Lots of music and drinks

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