In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following the WHO guidelines, BrightSide Tours established a specific “Travel Safe COVID-19 Protocol” of preventive measures and best practices across all relevant functions. The objective is to enhance health, hygiene and reduce physical contact in order to ensure a safe travel experience and a safe working environment.

During the tour:

  • At the start of the tour the guide will provide the suitable information for safety and hygiene for everybody involved.
  • Temperature check via infrared for all participants (travellers and guides) at the start of each tour. If any participant shows body temperature above 100 F (38 C) the tour shall be cancelled. In such case, the options are a plain cancellation (80% refund) or postponing (minimum 2 weeks later).
  • Face masks are compulsory during transportation and whenever the safe distance (2 meters) cannot be ensured.
  • Hand sanitizing is compulsory at the start of the tour and frequently during the experience. Alcohol gel sanitizer will be available, provided by BrightSide Tours.
  • Additional protective gear (disposable personal protection face masks, gloves and caps) will be available, provided by BrightSide Tours. 
  • All tours are private and the maximum group size is 10 people. If more than 10 people, the group will be divided accordingly.
  • Private pick-up and drop-off service is included (within Barcelona city limits) to avoid contact with other people and high traffic areas.
  • Visits to landmarks only on the outside and open air (until indoor safety can be ensured). The guides will avoid crowded areas and ensure minimum safe distance (2 meters) to other groups.
  • Guide and travellers will avoid physical contact as much as possible (from each other, other groups and high traffic surfaces).  Keep a minimum 2 meters distance between the guide and the group if sporadically not wearing masks (ex: eating).

Cleaning and objects sanitation:

  • Vehicles, helmets, intercoms and all gear required for each tour must be thoroughly sanitized after each use.
  • Office sanitizing frequency is increased (all working areas).
  • All disinfectants must meet the requirements for effectiveness against COVID-19.

Office staff:

  • Daily symptoms check and temperature tested via infrareds thermometer. Compulsory self-isolation if any symptoms are identified, if waiting for test results or if already diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Physical distance of minimum 2 meters in between workstations and/or installation of physical barriers where needed.
  • Limited physical contact between office staff, avoiding physical contact and the exchange of office material, documentation or other physical elements. 
  • Face masks use is compulsory indoors and whenever safe distance cannot be ensured. Disposable face masks will always be available and provided by BrightSide Tours. 
  • Hand washing is compulsory upon entering the office and frequently during the journey. Alcohol gel sanitizer must always be available and provided by BrightSide Tours.
  • Bookings, reservations, payments and overall communication with customers and partners is touchless or online.


  • Similar COVID-19 protocols are put in place also by all our preferred partners (transportation, restaurants, wineries and other providers).
For further information on our travel safe Barcelona Tours please follow this web link