What to do in a rainy day in Barcelona

Don’t panic! The ultimate guide when it's rainy in Barcelona

Are you having trouble figuring out what to do in a rainy day in Barcelona?

Here’s the ultimate guide for those cloudy days in the city. Every year millions of people come to Barcelona for culture, fun and sun. Blessed by its Mediterranean weather, Barcelona offers over 300 days of sunshine a year, but it does rain sometimes too. So what to do in Barcelona when it rains? Here are some of our favorite plans:

Watch a movie at the Filmoteca de Catalunya

A couple of years ago the movie archive of Catalonia was moved to a new building in the Raval neighborhood. It was as an attempt to redevelop the impoverished area.  Nowadays it hosts a program of various genres. That is both Spanish and international filmography – in its modern and comfortable rooms. Some movies are only in Spanish but usually at least once a day there is a choice for English speakers. The Filmoteca program is especially worth checking out if you are a fan of cinema, classics and cult movies. WEB

Façade of public cinema building in Barcelona
Filmoteca de Catalunya.


Read a book in Altair travel bookstore / café

If you are a book lover, don´t miss a visit to the Altair travel bookstore. It has an impressive collection of guidebooks and travel novels and a range of original souvenirs from Barcelona. And the best part is you can leaf through the books with a warm drink in hand. There is a coffee shop on level -1, where you can take your time to pick your next travel destination. 

interior of altair book shop in Barcelona
Altair book shop.

Address:  Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616


Visit a museum

With over 60 museums, Barcelona offers much more than just La Sagrada Familia. Want to know more about the history of this amazing place? Visit some of our favorites, for example the Museum of History of Catalonia in the Barceloneta neighborhood. Travelling with kids? They will love the Museum of Chocolate or the Cosmo Caixa Science museum. The latter makes for a delightful half day trip away from the busy center and it offers fantastic interactive learning facilities.

family watching 3d movie in museum

Relax in a SPA

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax and take care of yourself and a SPA centre is one of the best places to do that. Many hotels have their private SPA and fitness facilities and some fantastic options are the ones at The Mandarin Oriental or Hotel Arts. There are also famous specialized Wellness centres like Aire Barcelona or Spa-Hammam Rituels d’Orient. They offer all the expertise and procedures to provide a relaxing moment.

Spa in Barcelona
Why not?


Tour with BrightSide

All in all, the ultimate plan during rainy day in Barcelona is to take a van tour with BrightSide. Our luxury vans guarantee to take you in perfect comfort to the main sites of interest and best tapas places even on a rainy day. Let´s not let weather deter us from exploring all that Barcelona has to offer. Check out our van tours HERE

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