100% refund for all cancellations with minimum 3 days notice. 50% refund for all cancellations with minimum 24h notice. Less than 24h notice or NO-SHOW: no refund. 

Entrance tickets to visit the inside of the attractions (if specifically requested) are not refundable.

In the unlikely possibility of rain at the time of your SIDECAR, BICYCLE or WALKING TOUR you can cancel your booking (full refund), reschedule (depending on availability) or switch to a Van tour (depending on availability).

A sidecar motorcycle is a motorcycle with a permanently attached cart on the side, making it a three-wheeled motorcycle with room for three passengers – two on the bike and one on the cart.

Yes, sidecar motorcycles are absolutely safe for adults and for children – our URAL sidecars comply with all the European Community safety regulations. Furthermore, they’re not fast vehicles: they are built for pleasant cruising, not for high-speed driving.

Sure, sidecar motorcycles are legal and regulated by the government – they’re not home-made adaptations to regular motorcycles. Sidecars have been around since 1920s (and hugely popular until the 1060s, during which time they provided users with a cheap alternative to cars), industrially manufactured by world-class makers such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, URAL and others around the globe.

The minimum age to ride on a motorcycle (with or without sidecar) in Spain is 7 years old, if accompanied by a parent. In case the child is riding without any parent, the minimum age is 12 years old.

Yes, using a helmet is compulsory by law and it must always be worn – but you don’t need to buy one, BrightSide provides top class helmets of all sizes (European Community homologated). Our helmets are kept in perfect condition, cleaned and sanitized after every use. Besides, our helmets have built it communication devices that allow for a continuous, unbroken conversation whist twisting and turning the alleys and avenues of Barcelona.

Customers are responsible for their own travel insurance. BrightSide Tours operations are covered by the suitable public liability insurance policies, regardless, BrightSide Tours will take no responsibility over the risks of damage, loss, or other irregularity occurred to personal items customers decide to carry during the tour. BrightSide assumes no responsibility for any accidental physical damage occurred to the clients during the course of the tours.

You can even check on the very same day for availability, but due to the fact that we organise private tours, the sooner you book the better.

Along the way we’ll do many stops, some are quicker (for explanations and photos) and other will allow us to go for an easy walk or enjoy the views. Regardless, we do not visit the interiors of the attractions. Our aim is to give you a broad and deep overview of the city whilst experiencing the authentic local lifestyle. After the tour, you will be ready to explore further on your own, and visit the interior of your favorite landmarks with the proper wealth of information to make the most of it.

In the unlikely occurrence of rain, if you have booked a sidecar tour you can cancel on the very same day and you will be 100% refunded. We have all the rain gear you may need, but it’s really up to you (if not safe, your guide will cancel the tour). If you booked a van tour there is no need to worry. Barcelona has wonderful weather and a so far an extremely small amount of tours has been cancelled due to rain.

Absolutely! The routes described for each private tour are just our suggestions, keep in mind our sidecar and van private tours are just for you and your friends and/or family. We start-off each tour with a brief dialog to plan the route together with you and meet your personal expectations.

It depends on the season – please refer to our useful info page for more information on the weather. Nevertheless, for the sidecar tours you should consider a little extra clothing and especially windbreaker protection during the colder months:
– SPRING: bring sunglasses and come warmly dressed: jersey, pants, and a light windbreaker jacket.
– SUMMER: bring sunglasses and sunscreen.
– AUTUMN: bring sunglasses and come warmly dressed: jersey, pants, and a windbreaker jacket.
– WINTER: bring sunglasses and come very warmly dressed: warm jersey, pants, warm windbreaker jacket, scarf and gloves.